What We Do Best

Medical Record Summaries

Medical record summaries are comprehensive, generated in chronological order, and include: a claimant summary table, detailed billing column, social histories table, facility and provider list, list of missing records, and paralegal insights and impressions

Deposition Summaries

Deposition summaries, regardless if it is a standard or expert witness summary, consist of a Page:Line column, keyword column, and a description column that reduces the testimony down to its admission, ensuring nothing is skipped or overlooked

Document Review

Document reviews, regardless of volume, duration, or complexity, range from: paralegal or JD assigned reviews, document redaction, intensive hardcopy to electronic conversions, and reviews performed over a variety of different e-discovery software and platforms

Demand Packages

Demand Packages consist of a demand letter with billing details, and a MedSpread that contains individual rows for each date of service in chronological order for the purpose of getting a true history from the record review

Paralegal Support

Paralegal support is provided remotely and can range from: drafting stipulations and interrogatories, coordinating discovery, coding in various software like CaseMap and Everchron, and working in various e-discovery platforms, like Relativity and Digital WarRoom

Trial Support

Trial support is provided remotely and can range from: creating trial exhibits, scoring juror questionnaires, researching and screening expert witnesses, assisting in Zoom trials, and editing post-trial motions and declarations


Hourly Rates

* Medical Record Summary Training is available to law firms, legal departments, captive insurance law firms, insurance carriers, and healthcare facility legal departments that are looking to train their in-house staff on how to review records and generate comprehensive medical record summaries. While this in-depth training is normally conducted in a remote / virtual environment, we can accommodate for on-site training, if necessary. Please contact us to discuss your needs, as well as receive a detailed description of what is covered in the training and the additional costs involved.

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Special Discount Rates

  • New clients receive 20% off their first project
  • Refer a new client and receive 20% off an entire month
  • Various volume discounts for different project types or durations

Pro Bono

We work with esteemed lawyers and law firms to achieve justice in cases that matter.

Clients We Support

  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Claims Adjusters and Third-Party Administrators
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Government and Municipalities
  • Hospital and Healthcare In-House Legal Counsel
  • Regional and National Insurance Carriers

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By the Numbers

Our Clients’ Savings

By the Numbers

Quality Is Not The Only Reason Clients Love VIP Help Me

Our clients benefit from either passing our rates onto their clients or by retaining our rates for themselves. Regardless of what choice is made, the savings that can be achieved is quite substantial.

Instead of hyping the overly used, “profitability of a virtual paralegal” or “a salaried paralegal vs. a virtual paralegal” with unsubstantiated dollar amounts that many attempt to do to entice potential clients with, we like to provide real examples with real numbers.

On the right are three clients in 2020 who received various discounts: 1.) 20% volume discount for a particular service used; 2.) Volume and new client referral discounts; and 3.) 10% discount for being referred to us by one of our strategic business partners.


Volume Discount Client

# of Medical Summaries: 93
If Standard Rate: $220,455.00
With 20% Off: $176,364.00
Their Savings: $44,091.00


Paralegal Support Client

# of Paralegal Projects: Varied
If Standard Rate: $182,560.00
Various Discounts: $131,808.32
Their Savings: $50,751.68


S.B.P. Referral Client

# of (Various) Projects: 14
If Standard Rate: $105,250.00
10% Referral Discount: $94,725.00
Their Savings: $10,525.00

Our Sponsorships and Vendorships

Strength in Support

VIP Help Me is a proud sponsor and vendor for many legal organizations, associations, and companies throughout the United States. Featured below are some of them.

Association of Legal Administrators

Washington Defense Trial Lawyers

WA State Association of Justice

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Approved Vendor


Approved Vendor


Approved Vendor


Approved Vendor


Our Strategic Business Partners

Strength in Numbers

VIP Help Me works with many legal and litigation companies all across the United States. By combining our forces into a strategic business partnership, clients have a seamless solution at quickly obtaining multiple services from different litigation support vendors. To save time, cost, and frustration, simply reach out to us or any of the companies featured below.

eCourt Reporters, Inc.

eCourt Reporters’ award-winning platform provides law firm schedulers direct access to experienced, certified court reporters and legal videographers across the United States with live search capabilities.

Strategic Business Partner

Bio Coming Soon!

MACHAON Medical Evaluations, Inc.

The MACHAON team believes in a classic return to service and is committed to providing the highest quality independent medical evaluations to help clients with their claims management needs.

The Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses

An association, formed to promote ethical and thorough expert examinations and analyses of facts as they relate to legal matters, provides a searchable database of member experts physically located in OR, WA, ID, AL, MT & BC who are willing to take cases from both sides of the bar and provide a wide range of specialties.

T-Scan Corporation

T-Scan focuses on providing secure, efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent record retrieval with a team of experts knowledgeable in the complex details that record retrieval requires.

Strategic Business Partner

Bio Coming Soon!

Strategic Business Partner

Bio Coming Soon!

Washington Courts Historical Society

A membership organization whose purpose is to promote greater public understanding of the significance of law and legal institutions in WA State’s history, by accomplishing it through collection, preservation, dissemination of written and oral history, significant artifacts, memorabilia, and information related to the court and the legal profession of WA State.

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