Why Choose VIP Help Me?

VIP Help Me handles every project with strict confidentiality. VIP Help Me is built on the foundation of "No Apologies, No Excuses" and has earned the reputation for getting "Work Done Now!"

Not only does VIP Help Me provide substantive document review and analysis through comprehensive evaluations, VIP Help Me is also widely known for:

  • Not a recruiter, staffing agency, freelancer or overseas vendor
  • Per project support with no long term commitment
  • Vast knowledge and experience
  • Highly qualified to work on any project
  • Proven results: consistent, accurate and efficient
  • Competitive rates and volume discounts
  • Unparalleled turnaround time
  • Quick response time
  • Unrivaled availability
  • Clearly defined statements of work and project scope
  • Real-time open and ongoing communication
  • Comprehensive conflicts of interest database
  • Established policies and procedures
  • Superior work product templates
  • Quality assurance review
  • Strict confidentiality
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Various security measures to safeguard data

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As always we are here when you need us, just a phone call or email away!

Services are NOT offered to the general public. We are not licensed attorneys and do not practice law nor give legal advice. If you have a particular matter and do not have an attorney representing you, we are unable to assist you.